Jewelry Holders

So it would be acceptable to say that my sister and I have a SLIGHT obsession with D.I.
I love stumbling upon good finds that have so much potential. So we ventured over to the store last weekend and totally scored so great items... lots of projects coming up!!

So here is the first.

When I got home and showed Mr. Walker the bowls I found, he said: "What the crap is that? It looks like my grandma's china?"

Sorry Grandma.... no hard feelings. BUT he's a guy, what does he know? Yeah it looks a little "antique", but I knew just what I wanted to do. I rummaged through a few more aisles and found some candlestick holders. I went home, used a little E6000 glue (which works awesome for such projects) and within a matter of minutes had this:

Jewelry Holders! Matching my room and all! LOVE IT!