This past weekend we ventured to St. George for Braden's first tournament of the year. Tay had a blast, spent all day in the sun at the ball fields, and swimming at the pool. I snapped a couple of photos I found irresistable to share. 

 'Pep Talk'

My sweet baby girl


Ric Rac Ring

So I recently came across a tutorial I just had to give a try! I've been into jewelry making lately, and have been wanting to come up with some fun twists on fashion. When I saw this, I fell in love! Check it out.... More colors to come....

To see the full tutorial click HERE


Why we love days off....

Because I get to do the little things I take for granted, like.....

 sleeping in and watching cartoons

reading books to each other

 having lunch together

and receiving so much help with house 
work from Little Miss T


As you may have noticed....

I really enjoy block letters and easy DIY wood crafts. My sister had a handsome little boy and I made these letters for his room this past weekend! He has a cute jungle themed room, so it will match PERFECT! Hope you like them Suzy!!

For those of you that are local, there is a fabulous little store in American Fork called THE WOOD CONNECTION. They are great, and have TONS of fun projects. Check them out!!


Look what I've started...

A few months back, a scrapbook company was going out of business and was having a HUGE sale. Needless to say, I scored some way awesome deals. I found these cute plastic flower brads that I knew I could use! So last night, I got to work.....

I ripped off the metal brad off the back, and replaced them with earring backings and rings. I loved how they turned out, and they're such fun colors. Now if only summer would come............




My excuse for my absence of blogging for the past.....oh TWO months, might be along the lines of the following....

A new job, with new hours
An oh-so- busy little 19 month old on my hands, demanding ALL of my attention
Family in town
Weekend get-a-ways

I'm sure I could come up with a few more, but we'll stop there. I'll leave ya with a few pics of what we've been up to lately!!

Tay started attending nursery, which I think she is going to LOVE. She's had a good time so far!

Tay's been spending LOTS of time with her best bud (aka Boyfriend) Tate

See what I mean??

We bought Tay her first wagon, which we call her little "chariot"

With the nice weather we have been spending lots of hours outside!



Di purchase # 2

Unfortunately I totally spaced taking a before picture. (which isn't the first time I've done that). But while on the prowl at D.I. I came across this unfinished wood product. It was already painted with chalkboard paint in the middle... Ideas were already running through my mind!

I have seen SO many cute things on pinterest involving chalkboards. So a few coats of paint later... And a little be-dazzling here and there here is the final outcome!


Jewelry Holders

So it would be acceptable to say that my sister and I have a SLIGHT obsession with D.I.
I love stumbling upon good finds that have so much potential. So we ventured over to the store last weekend and totally scored so great items... lots of projects coming up!!

So here is the first.

When I got home and showed Mr. Walker the bowls I found, he said: "What the crap is that? It looks like my grandma's china?"

Sorry Grandma.... no hard feelings. BUT he's a guy, what does he know? Yeah it looks a little "antique", but I knew just what I wanted to do. I rummaged through a few more aisles and found some candlestick holders. I went home, used a little E6000 glue (which works awesome for such projects) and within a matter of minutes had this:

Jewelry Holders! Matching my room and all! LOVE IT!



Block Letters

I've made a few of these in the past, and have been more than satisfied with the way they've turned out. My mother asked if I could make some as a gift for a girl she works with. I found out her colors, and wham bam.... here's the results.

I still have two more of these projects coming up. Hope they turn out just as cute!!


Valentine Subway Art

Pinterest.... You've done it again!
You've got me addicted.
Addicted to free printables.

Here is a fun one for Valentines Day. I love Subway art, and have found lots of free printables on Pinterest. It makes it so easy to flip out sayings for each holiday/season.

Click HERE for the download. It's super easy to do. Download to your computer. Upload it to whatever site you order prints from, and pick it up next time your out. Place it in a lovely frame and display proudly.


Oh yes I did!!

.... and it was well worth the 4 packages of cream cheese. Yes, I just said 4.

Don't worry I didn't eat it all myself, it was for a party.

Get the recipe HERE


Round One...

Tay VS. Table
Tay-0 Table-1

Day 1
Day 4
Good thing she has her STUNNA glasses to hide the bruise



Christmas Re-cap

We've been busy round here.... hence the lack of blogging. Thought we'd share a few pics from Christmas though. Tay had so much fun! Of course she got spoiled rotten...

Her new kitchen set from Grandma and Grandpa
Opening her Princess tent
Daddy likes it just as much as she does!
Even though dad never got the boy he wanted, he still was able to buy a ball and bat.

It was so fun this year to watch her get so excited when she ripped all the paper off her wrapped presents. It made all the stress of holiday shopping worth it. We love this little lady SO MUCH!!



The tree, the lights...

The garland, the presents....

isn't helping with this little one's impatience.

Where did this month go? I'm amazed that tomorrow is Christmas day. December has been a busy month for us, with work, family get-togethers, plus the hustle and bustle of the season! But one things for sure, this little lady is super excited for what's in store tomorrow!



Pretzel Hugs

Need a super easy yet Delicious snack to much on? Well even if you say 'no'. You still have got to try these: SO GOOD!

You will need:
2 bags of Hershey's Hugs
1 pounder bag of pretzel snaps
Large Baking Sheet
Waxed paper for easy removal

Top each pretzel snap with one hug

Bake @ 350 degrees for 2 minutes.

Remove and place an additional snap on top of hug.

Refrigerate for faster cooling.

And Enjoy...

For the holidays try the peppermint kisses! They're devine! They make great neighbor treats too!!